Current Plugin List

Here is a list of all the plugins and things I’ve used on this WordPress site to make it run faster than the default installation.

Above The Fold Optimization – used for loading in the critical CSS first.

Disable Emojis – gets rid of a javascript file that isn’t needed.

Google Tag Manager For WordPress – I use this to load in my tracking scripts like Google Analytics. It’s the one plugin that isn’t on this site to improve performance.

GZip Ninja Speed Compression – a really bad plugin name, but it does a great job of making sure my text based files are delivered optimally.

WP Deferred Javascript – a way of loading in javascript files after the main page has loaded.

WP Htaccess Editor – a way to modify your .htaccess file in a relatively safe way.

WP Smush – optimise any images that I upload through WordPress to make them as small in file size as possible.

WP Super Cache – a performance plugin that allows me to easily configure a CDN and other tweaks to speed things up.

And of course, the theme for this site: Frank.

I’ll be keeping this page up to date as I add other plugins or even take them off.


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